Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Wanna CHOMP Some Comfort Food?

In my "How to Survive Bangkok" article I wrote about the importance of easing yourself gently into an Eastern diet but for those who haven't read that I will reiterate my advise now. Going from salt-filled carb-ridden Western grub to nothing but rice and noodles can be pretty tricky even for the most seasoned traveller. Therefore, to avoid feeling rough for your first few weeks, when your body screams out "I NEED A BURGER" you may as well just give it one. Fast-food chains are a-plenty in the bustling capital of Thailand but to be quite honest the quality of the food there is even worse in Asia than it is in Europe. So where do you find some delicious home-comfort food that is still nutritious and not likely to blow the bank? The answer is CHOMP.
My boyfriend and I were stumbling down Sam Sen Road in Bangkok after a very messy outing in Bali the night before followed by an exceptionally uncomfortable 4 hour plane journey desperately looking for somewhere with a menu that would be kind to our still-tender stomachs. After several disappointed glances over menus serving nothing but oriental food we found this little gem on the corner of Soi 1. The first thing we noticed as we approached was the big sign outside advertising BIG burgers and our eyes lit up with pure joy.

Snazzy exterior decor

We rushed inside, grabbed a menu and took a seat, relieved to be off our feet. We were greeted by Gili, the owner, who asked us what we were after before talking us through some of the dishes. My boyfriend explained to her the fragile state he was in and I told her I was after some sort of banana-based drink. She told us she had just the thing and dashed off behind the bar to whip us up some drinks. A few minutes later she returned with what I can genuinely say was the most delicious drink I have ever tasted in my entire 20 years of existence: a banana, coconut and cinnamon smoothie. Everything about it was perfect. For my cusping boyfriend she had concocted what she termed "the ultimate hangover cure" and presented him with what was basically a virgin mojito but with added secret ingredients to make his stomach stop churning. I'd tell you how it tasted but I didn't even get a look in so I'm guessing it must have been pretty fine and he definitely looked a lot less grey by the time he'd finished it.
We both ordered sandwiches as neither of us could handle anything bigger and despite our condition we pretty much licked our plates clean.
When we went the place had only been open for a few weeks and it was still a bit of a work in progress but that didn't stop it from having a fantastic vibe. Gili's children were there at the restaurant with her and it was so lovely to see a working mother who could still spend time with her babies. Her son brought us our cutlery and her tiny little girl amused us to no end with her gorgeous smiles. She told us about how her restaurant came into existence and how hard her and her husband worked and are still working to get it off the ground.
If you are in Bangkok I seriously recommend you hit this place up whether you're craving home food or not. The atmosphere is great and the food is to die for, the perfect combination.
Gili and her husband behind the bar

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